Left Sphere Services

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What We Can Help You With

Hands-on simulation workshops

We provide a wide range of hands-on workshops and Design tailored medical programs with simulation training in cooperation with clinical simulation centers . 

Board review events

Series of lectures that provide a full coverage of all necessary subjects to residents before board exams 

Clinical auditing

We help pharmaceutical companies and medical institutes in implementing changes after audits through our tools . 

Live surgery events

We are organizing such events through a  specialized  platform that allows clinicians to virtually ‘scrub in’ to any operating room  anywhere in the world 

Patient education tools

We help institutes and companies in achieving their goals in patient education by innovative new approaches and technologies 

Digital marketing

Guided by a group of experts in their field , Leftsphere is providing a digital marketing services to our clients 

On demand step by step surgical courses

High quality training in a step-by-step approach toward achieving the target of surgical training according to universal guidelines 

Staff training

We offer a wide range of trainings to workers in healthcare industry and pharmaceutical companies 

Customized services

We may create a program that is special for you ! talk to us and tell us what are you thinking about and we will be there to help you.